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    Hi...a couple of days ago I received about 6 text messages from family members (in my contact list) with a download button...my motherinlaw was coming home from the hospital that day so I assumed it was a pic of her returning home....so I hit the download button...it appeared to be downloading but nothing happened...I think I may have hit the button again...then I noticed getting 2 of the very same texts from another family member...just a download button with nothing else...I then became suspicious and deleted the texts...but now I'm worried that I have some sort of virus on my phone. I asked the rep at a verizon store and he suggested I wipe my phone clean and start over. I have close to 4000 pics and video and contacts etc...he couldn't back them up...said they could be backed up to my gmail/google account if I could remember my passcode..(which I couldn't then, but know now) I hate the thought of starting over but if I should to prevent a virus I will. Any advice will be VERY appreciated!! Thanks in advance!...AJ
    08-24-2014 12:32 PM
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    Have you gone into Settings, Apps, All, scrolled to Messaging and cleared the data and cache? That won't deal with a virus (afaik), but it may cure the problem assuming it wasn't a virus.

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    08-24-2014 12:57 PM
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    I would back everything up and do a reset. Sure they aren't fun, but this is a pretty good reason to.
    08-24-2014 02:18 PM

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