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    My Nexus has performed flawlessly for over a year until about three weeks ago when it began to randomly turn itself off. Turning it on would require a hard restart, by that I mean I would need to hold the start button down for about 20 seconds

    Usually the problem occurs when I put it down after use but occasionally it happens during use. It is happening several times a day

    I did a factory reset but the problem remains. I cleared the system cache but again the problem remains.

    The device is factory stock and has never been damaged. It performed very well for over as year until very recently. I don't recall installing any new apps which could be doing this. All my apps come from the Play Store. Device is mainly used for browsing, reading news apps and occasionally playing cards

    I have kept it in a standard ASUS vinyl flip cover that does not contain any magnets. My wife has an identical device, same cover but no problems encountered (she uses hers less than I do)

    Any advice available gratefully accepted
    08-25-2014 01:47 PM

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