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    Verizon never informed me of my data contract details and constantly avoided my calls when I tried to contact them regarding my contract and the exceeding allowance. The main contact, AMBER, shut off my phone, cutting contact from my elderly parents (who were the main reason for my switch) over the winter. Now, I can't get any form of phone & internet service...HOW CAN THIS ACTION BE LEGAL? MY PARENTS ARE DISABLED AND ELDERLY, LIVING A MILE AND A HALF OFF A MAIN ROAD, AND AMBER CAN CUT OFF ALL CONTACT???? Can anyone suggest anything?
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    08-25-2014 04:42 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! This is really a Verizon issue, rather than an Android issue, so I'm not sure how helpful we'll be. I can only suggest you continue to engage Verizon customer service and escalate to higher levels. If you're not getting satisfactory responses, ask to speak to a supervisor. Discuss things in a calm and measured way, but you can still be firm. Try not to lose your temper, as that will typically not get you anywhere, and in fact make future interactions more difficult. Don't talk about things like lawsuits, because that will also put them on the defensive, and probably less inclined to help you (because they'll be busy trying to cover their behinds). Good luck!
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    08-25-2014 04:54 PM
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    it's good for me to have company in this ex-Verizon club.....you can sit by me

    Just moved to StraightTalk from 10 yrs.with VerizonWireless. They always told us how wonderful we were and the best customers.....yada yada. We did not have internet, just flip phones.

    Over the past year alone, I have over 100 calls into them and 35 pages I have taken of accurate documentation.

    Got SO tired of BABYSITTING.

    Meticulously always doublechecking the rep said this-n-that and was going to do this-n-that for us, and then having to callback to them 2-3 times as well, telling the next rep what so-and-so said they would do and didn't.

    I finally wrote 8 formal (professional) complaints and sent them certified over this past year, without a single PEEP from them.

    When I called last week for us to officially quit them (wanted to let them know why), happened to get a manager who was furious nothing had been done. I told him the past 18 people I have gone down the specific list of who said what and calling back to them again and again, Of course after "stomping around" on the phone with me about their inefficient people he didn't offer any help, as well. Nothing.... and no apologies to boot.

    **This only leaves me with one dilemma....(pondering) what will I do with all that free time now?
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    08-26-2014 06:32 AM
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    ^^^What you have described, on the assumption that your description is accurate, makes me feel a sympathetic outrage. Often, individuals will let down the companies they are working for by showing a shocking dereliction of duty...I speak from experience though nothing to do with phones. If those persons cannot or will not do their job, would they please take their leave and make way for someone who can and will. You understand, I am restricting myself to polite language here.

    Edit: You may just possibly find that companies work more efficiently when it comes to the business of taking your money.

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    08-26-2014 06:55 AM

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