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    I've got identical problem as in this topic for this other Samsung's phone where the user deleted config file for device's magnetometer guess S4 has a different sensor's vendor, so my question is what file should be deleted?

    At present, I'm not in possession of S4, so I anyone would be so kind and check it on their rooted device that would be nice.

    1. Doest it still work when the phone is:

    - touched with a little magnet like in a standard vertical flip-case (with little magnet) or
    - travelling by car/bus/train or
    - plugged in headphones

    In the one I had (I don't have it any more) while plugging in headphones, or travelling by car/bus/train, or putting it in an flip-case with a little magnet the arrow In Google Maps pointing the direction which a device is currently facing simply freezes. Compass app also freezes at the same time. The app called Android Sensor Box in the scale for magnetometer reaches its maximum level. While moving the little magnet, from mentioned before filp-case, around a phone the arrow travels with it. Move it away and it freezes. It simply won't move. While sticking S4 to the metal part of laptop table the arrow immediately points opposite direction. Only making 8s in the air helps but only for a bit. Neither S3 9305 nor S5 have this problem. Even when stuck with a magnet their arrows in GM works just fine.

    2. Does deleting the file fixes the GM's arrow issue also permanently even when a phone is in the flip-case with a little magnet?
    08-26-2014 06:53 PM

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