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    I have been having some serious issue with my Note 3, this is actually the third one I have received from Samsung, the first one had even worse battery drain, it would lose close to 5% in 10 minutes on factory settings, the second phone I received was perfect in terms of battery, and performed how I expected it to but the microphone didn't work, so I couldn't call people.. The third phone I received has less battery drain, but it is still noticeable. From around 45 minutes of screen on time I will lose close to 30% battery life, and this screen on time is just browsing the internet, checking mails.. etc, nothing too strenuous, this is with ONLY WiFi on and power saving mode enabled, this isn't really the battery life I expect of this phone, it struggles to keep a full charge nearing 2 hours of screen on time.

    I have been reading similar issues posted on forums, and it could be related to a bug in the OS, not allowing the phone to go into a deep sleep state, this could be the cause for the battery drain. Doing the cache partition wipe from recovery mode seems to be a temporary fix, I also did a factory reset when my battery was at 45% and I got close to 2 hours of screen on time from that amount of battery, which included watching movies and playing games, but the morning after the factory reset, the problem seems to have returned.

    I tried wakelock detector, but it cant access detailed stats as it needs root access on KitKat, whats even more puzzling is that my phone is getting warm when the cpu is literally doing nothing. CPUZ reports that the CPU is constantly around the 3 - 8% mark when on idle, yet I still get this ridiculous battery drain and slight heating.

    Thinking of taking it to Samsung the third time. I have a suspicion that the third device they gave me was a refurbished one due to slight scratches on the edges of the phone and due to the fact that when I turned it on it came pre installed with KitKat.

    Anyone know of a fix for this? I don't really want to take it back to Samsung again, the Customer Service Plaza is terrible and is a long drive away.

    I attached some screen shots of the battery and screen on time. If you compare the screenshot taken at 10:05 AM it shows 92% and then you go one hour later, during which time I never used my phone, and it shows 86% battery.

    The other screenshots also show that after 16 minutes of screen on time I lost 9% battery, and that 16 min on time was web browsing, I also don't have any apps eating up the RAM as you can see. Could it be my Mobile Network?
    Attached Thumbnails Note 3 Battery Drain on Idle-2014-08-27-00.05.11.jpg   Note 3 Battery Drain on Idle-2014-08-27-00.05.17.jpg   Note 3 Battery Drain on Idle-2014-08-27-00.05.25.jpg   Note 3 Battery Drain on Idle-2014-08-27-01.02.24.jpg   Note 3 Battery Drain on Idle-2014-08-27-01.02.28.jpg  

    Note 3 Battery Drain on Idle-2014-08-27-01.03.09.jpg  
    08-26-2014 10:05 PM

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