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    Hey guys, sorry for the dramatics but my mother just had the forethought to tell me today that her Gmail hasn't been working for months. She hasn't been receiving any of her emails either online or on her Note 2 and she just thought to inform me after she didn't get her receipt from renewing her state licence this morning. That was the straw apparently. I've been trying, in vain, all day to figure out her problem and fix it and Google support has been absolutely no help. I'm frustrated to the point of just buying her a f***king iPhone and calling it a day. I have mail that I've sent sent her that shows up in my sent folder that she never received but were never returned. Receipts, business emails, and an important email with pictures from a retirement party at her hospital.....na da. She hasn't been getting any mail since June.

    I completely signed her out of her Google account, uninstalled all Gmail updates and now after signing her in all my test emails are showing up. Because it's working now, Google support doesn't give two ****s about helping me recover her lost emails or figuring out what caused the problem in the first place since the lost emails aren't showing up online either.

    Not only that but her Gmail application is missing a ton of stuff despite being the same version as mine. I can't delete any emails from the trash bin. The three dot menu doesn't show up in any of the pages until an item has been selected. In her trash bin there's no option to empty trash. I'm sorry for offloading on you guys but how the hell am I supposed to explain all this **** to a 64yr old woman who's averse to technology when even Google can't explain it. I'm trying to get her using her phone more and this is seriously not helping. I'm thinking of switching her over to Mailbox in the mean time because it just seems less convoluted than Gmail and I've never had a syncing problem but I'm not sure if the problem (when it crops up again) will persist in that app as well since it's still all Gmail.

    Is there any way at all I can recover her missing emails? Also, can anyone help explain why the hell her Gmail app is so messed up? Her phone is unlocked and has a custom rom but I don't see how that would affect the Gmail app when it's up-to-date. Is there anything I can do to fix it, short of trying a factory reset? Can anyone with a Note 2 check to see if they have a similar problem?
    08-27-2014 12:03 AM
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    I was so frustrated that I forgot to sign-in.
    Attached Thumbnails Emergency! Please help me fix my parent's phone-screenshot_2014-08-26-23-25-18.png   Emergency! Please help me fix my parent's phone-2014-08-26-23-23-36.png  
    08-27-2014 12:08 AM

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