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    So i am currently using the Galaxy Note 2 by Samsung for Tmobile, up to now i have had no problems with the headphone jack or using headphones (im a totaly music junkie listen to music for literally half my day) anyways back on topic, whenever i plug in my headphones and try to listen to music or use youtube or an app, the sound comes out the speakers from the phone and i noticed that at the top of the phone, there is no little headphone symbol popping up, now i have tried so many of these "miracle solutions" a list of what ive tried:

    Taking out SD card
    Rebooting phone (i did this a million times please dont tell me to again)
    Tried taking out the headphones and plugging them back in (obviously)
    Turned off phone with headphones plugged in and turnedback on
    Factory Reset the Device
    The headphones work on everything else in case you are wondering yes even on my laptop etc
    Tried using airduster can spray to clean out audio jack
    Temporary solution i found works for like a random period of time from 1 second to 4 minutes (the sound about app transfering the "let media decide" or media sound to "Wired headphones (With Mic)" works for just a little while then it stops

    Other than that i dont really know what else i tried but ive tried so many things for like 1 week now
    Side note: I'm not sure this is the reason but when i push the headphone cord connected to the phone jack (the little block that connects with the Jack) to the side, my audio stops and if i push down on the headphone connector Head, music comes out from one side of the headphones
    Also, i feel like the headphones glide in too easily to the headphone jack now, used to be a little more Clicky tighty if that makes sense

    thank you for your help!
    (ill come here often i might just forget)
    08-27-2014 02:03 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! It sounds like the headphone jack itself is damaged or faulty. You may have to look into getting it repaired or replaced.
    08-27-2014 02:08 AM

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