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    So..... Had phone for about a month (used 2yr upgrade) and noticed yellow tint starting at bottom of screen in the middle and going to the left. This is AT&T solution via retention;

    Pick one @ $150 (each device returned within 14days by previous owner with no physical damage) with no upgrade and I get to keep my (lg g2) device. The kicker, this deal has no deadline and I can literally wait months till a device I like becomes available, the crotch shot kicker? Wait for it.... price will always be $150 no matter what device becomes available. The double crotch shot kicker? Whatever device I choose will be unlocked because it's "purchased" off contract and not using a "2yr upgrade" or the next plan.

    Devices available currently;

    Samsung Galaxy s4 in 16gb
    Motorola moto X in 16gb
    Samsung Galaxy s4mini in 16gb

    I think I'm going to wait for the note 4 to come out and roll the dice on a return.

    Question is, what device should I wait for?

    08-27-2014 02:20 AM

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