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    Hi Everyone,

    I recently went on a trip out of town and took a bunch of pictures and videos using Lenovo's Super Camera app. I was checking them out during the trip and last night showed them to my family on my phone, but noticed the Super Gallery was acting up. Many of the thumbnails were grey, and some of the pictures didn't show up at all in the preview, but when I'd select a photo and swipe through one by one, they all showed up.

    Today I tried uploading one of the pics to FB through the default Lenovo browser, and although I could select the picture, the upload would fail instantly. I rebooted my phone, and when it opened up again, the entire gallery was nowhere to be found! All the other photos and videos I've taken (through Cymera, Viber, etc.) are still there, but the DCIM folder appears to have been wiped clean.

    I tried taking another photo using Super Camera and it generated a new folder in Super Gallery, as if it was the first picture I'd ever taken, but none of the others have reappeared. Even when I access the SD card through my laptop, the DCIM/Camera folder is completely empty except for the new picture.

    I'm pretty worried as these pics aren't really replaceable, and am currently running Puran on my laptop as I write this in hopes they can be recovered. Has anyone else encountered this issue, and do you have any tips for me? Thanks in advance!
    08-27-2014 04:02 AM

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