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    Hi all,

    So, in case anyone is unfamiliar with this little mentioned feature, Samsung has put a setting under the Display Settings called Reading Mode. It has an On/Off toggle, and like many of the other menu items, if you click on the item itself (not the toggle) it will open up a new page where you can choose which apps have the reading mode applied to them.

    Steps to replicate problem:

    1. Pull down notification menu.
    2. Press the gear icon (settings button)
    3. Press the device tab.
    4. Press the Display item in the device settings menu.
    5. Press the reading mode item in the display menu (not the toggle, somewhere else on the menu item).
    6. Press the 'edit' button in the upper right corner, which is shown as a pencil.
    7. Wait a moment, all the apps on your phone should now populate the list.
    8. Check several apps that are not enabled by default.
    9. Close the settings and ensure reading mode toggle is on.

    Now, the issue that I have been having for a while is quite annoying. I added the Flipboard app to the reading mode menu, as many of the articles are primarily composed of text. After a few days / reboots, the Flipboard app magically "removes" itself from the list of apps with reading mode enabled. This seems to happen with all non-default apps. The only app that has consistently stayed on the "enabled" list is Chrome, which has functioned as expected with reading mode.

    Has anyone else encountered this bug? Its quite frustrating, and I have no idea what behavior causes it to occur, it seems to be sporadic in nature. Tried performing a reboot, and the setting is still left intact, yet the next time I happen to open Flipboard I will more than likely notice that the screen tone is not switched (i.e. reading mode is disabled for the app). This has happened at least a dozen times now, was hoping someone else could confirm that the issue is not specific to my phone.
    08-27-2014 05:35 PM

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