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    It was at 54ish percent when I hooked it up and it died as soon as I plugged it in. I've tried letting it charge, taking the battery out, unplugging and trying, etc. But nothing works. If I hold down the power button it shows the "Samsung Galaxy S4" graphic then shows the 0% battery graphic, which is weird because it wasn't low on battery and it won't charge at all. I really need my phone. Any help??
    08-28-2014 03:16 PM
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    There are various possible causes but I think that battery failure is one of the more probable, and easily checked by just trying a good battery in the phone. A friendly repairer may let you try a good battery before you buy a new one if that turns out to be the problem.

    Have you tried with a different charger, and with a different USB lead?

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    08-28-2014 03:28 PM
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    I have tried a different USB. This has actually happened to me before but it was on 20% instead of 50%. After leaving it on the charger for about 3 hours it finally turned on and charged veryyy slowly. That was probably 5ish months ago. I dont know what causes it, and I dont know if it will turn back on this time.
    Also, I had to make an account to reply so this is the same person.
    08-28-2014 03:55 PM
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    Welcome as a new member.

    If you had similar trouble five months ago, that suggests that it may not be a battery problem because that would have got much worse since then. Similarly with the possibility of a faulty charger. Unless, of course, the two occasions are merely coincidental.
    If you are able to boot into Recovery Mode, it may be worth wiping the Cache Partition or even, if you're backed up, performing a Factory Reset, although I would not be surprised if both had no effect.
    I wonder whether it may be a hardware fault....USB port, charging circuit etc.

    If you're not sure about the Recovery procedures, the T-mobile guide here is very clear and helpful:


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    08-28-2014 06:29 PM

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