1. sshhhh's Avatar
    my samsung s4 back camera works fine but the front camera turns black and freezes, says camera failed. ive cleared the camera date and cache, factory reset my phone and just replaced it. it still wont work. p.s my screen is cracked right around my camera.
    08-29-2014 04:06 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! What do you mean you replaced it? You mean you replaced the camera itself?

    Try booting into Safe Mode, which disables all 3rd party apps. If it still isn't working in Safe Mode, it is likely a hardware defect or failure, and you would need to bring it to a repair shop or contact Samsung (if it's still under warranty). Safe Mode instructions are at the bottom here: Reset: Samsung Galaxy S 4 | T-Mobile Support
    08-29-2014 05:18 PM

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