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    I just picked up a lg g3 and am not impressed with the battery life at all. But here is my question.
    When u choose the option to turn off wifi when data not used in the saver mode, isnt it suppose to turn wifi back on when data is being used? Cause mine turns it off but not back on when i start browsing the net.

    The power goes down so fast that i feel like i have to be in saver mode all the time. To be honest my much older device (iphone. 4s) has a better lasting battery. I dont wanna start anything about my 3 years old iphone 4s i do like android better but as my first android, this flagship of lg is disappointing when it comes to battery life. Could i have a bad battery? I used the phone for lesd than but close to 3 hours with about 60% of it online on wifi but since i was reading didnt go through too many new pages. As of now im at 35% from 100% and ive been on full saver mode with 30% brightness after hitting 50% battery.
    Thanks for any insights.
    08-29-2014 03:02 PM
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    In your battery stats, Screen is presumably the highest consumer of battery charge, but what else is eating battery? If you could post some screenshots of battery usage after using for a few hours from full charge, it would help.
    You used 65% of your charge, with 30% brightness coming on at 50% charge, and had 3h screen-on time, but with what brightness setting before the 30% battery-saving brightness setting came on?

    I find that the battery life of my own G3 is so good, I don't bother to check stats much any more, but on one occasion (and I wasn't trying to achieve any record or anything like that) had 6h screen-on time from 100% charge, with mainly texting but some YouTube, web searches, photography and other odds, and the screen at various settings but mainly 30% brightness, and the battery saver set to take over at 30% battery charge, leaving me with 16% battery charge when I came to recharge. I call that very impressive for a 1440p device.

    Could I suggest you join as a member and head on over to the LG G3 forum where things like this are discussed at great length.☺

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    08-29-2014 03:52 PM
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    Thanks for the reply. I just joined too
    I will pay attention to what im doing and set my screen to similar settings as you mentioned and compare my time to the time you had gotten. If i still think there is a problem ill post more info and the usage grapgh and such. I really want this phone to work good cause i love it in every other way so far but i have just gotten it so we'll see thanks again
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    08-29-2014 09:22 PM

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