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    I just got a Moto E (with KitKat 4.4.4) for my son who just started secondary school and I'm having a bit of confusion about how to prevent in-app (and other Play Store) purchases.

    He has is own Google account which up until now is only used for Gmail (hence he knows the password to the account) but when I use the account to set up the Moto E.

    I have set the options in the Play Store to ask for a password for any in-app purchases but obviously with him knowing the password it's little more than a prompt and wouldn't really prevent any purchases.

    I have added my Google account and set the Play Store to use that (with my password) but there doesn't seem to be anything stopping the accounts be swapped.

    What's the best way to deal with this? Without digging deeper the only way I can think of is to create a new, Google account for use with this phone. Any other ideas?

    08-31-2014 03:29 AM
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    Setting up all the restrictions might not be the best way of getting him to respect your wishes. Allowing him freedom in his use of the phone, but asking him to use it wisely and with due responsibility for any purchases he may choose to make, may be the better way. Being a young human, he will, as we all do when young, make some regrettable choices perhaps, but will learn from those mistakes as he goes along. That's not just phones, it's life!

    But should you prefer the parental control method, you may find further tips here:


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    08-31-2014 04:23 AM

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