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    It has been a few days, it looks whatever the text message conversations we had between my girfriend and myself have been leaked. She has a co-worker in the same company who is a network admin. He would approach her everyday and ask her about the conversations via test messages we had in previous night. He doesn't ask directly, but the questions he asked were directly associated with the conversations at previous night. My girlfriend didn't pay attention first, but as the questions were getting so obviously related, she was shocked. Until one day, he emailed her with a question asking about what a word means, that word was the name of a small town in a foreign country, and that was not even in English when we text that word via cellphone. She was totally scared after.

    We don't know how he could get access to our text messages although he knows both of us's cellphone numbers. But obviously he has been able to know what we were chatting about last night. My girlfriend pluggs in the cellphone every morning into her computer at work for charging. And he has the access to her computer remotely as a network admin. But I've heard even you can get into a mounted drive of a cellphone, it isn't that possible to read out historical text messages directly. And that's the only way I could think of the private information could have been stolen. I have limited knowledge and experience with Andriod, thought to ask here if anyone knows any possibilities someone could get access to our cellphones. Thank you.
    08-31-2014 12:07 PM
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    You're right that it'd be immensely difficult to do anything to the device without the owner noticing via a USB connection and most methods would require at least one time physical access to the device.

    1. Does the employer have access to the device due to access to an exchange server, etc?
    2. Did the company provide her with the device?

    If the answer to either of those is "yes", then this gets murky. If the answer to both is "no" then I'd consider filing a complaint with the employer's IT department for the security breach and/or summoning the police.
    08-31-2014 12:39 PM

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