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    Recently I have been having a major issue with my Note 3. Whenever I am added to a group text my phone will lag majorly. I will receive the first text fine but after that it becomes a problem. My phone lags so terribly that I do not receive the group messages hours after they are sent. The time stamps on the messages are right but my device doesn't get them until hours later. Due to the lag I cannot open my messaging app or even use my phone for anything. I have to put it on mute and ignore it for the entire day. This wasn't a problem when I first got the phone. I use the stock messaging app and have cleared out all my texts and it still continues to do it. My provider is AT&T. Has anyone else had this problem? Currently there is no released update but I am checking every other day. Hopefully this can be fixed.

    08-31-2014 10:33 PM

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