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    yesterday I tried to turn on my galaxy tab 10.1 7510wifi (with CWM 6.0.36 + cyanogenmod 10.2) , but I couldn't, because it was stuck on the first boot screen "Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1".
    I tried to turn it off then, but I couldn't, it was restarting itself continuously.
    I tried to press the power button for seconds, but nothing changed. Then I left on and went to sleep, to wait that the battery was over. This morning I charged and nothing changed. SO I decided to install again everything.
    The recovery mode works fine, I can enter there, wipe cache and so on, but when I try to connect to the tablet to the pc, windows can't see the galaxy device folder, so I can't copy any ROM inside and proceed with the installation. The driver are working fine ( and they were working before). So I don't know what to do. Could be that the internal sd is damage and then it doesn't show the device folder on windows? I don't know what to do to make it work again. Thanks
    09-01-2014 06:40 AM

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