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    Screen started to flicker on my daughters Samsung GT-I9100 phone about 3 months ago so got a new battery (cheap copy). Worked fine for about 6 weeks then did the same thing so got another new battery, this time genuine Samsung part. Tried to turn on the device but its having none of it. Battery is definitely working as the inside of the phone is getting warm around the camera area but no screen, no connection to a PC. Can anyone help or suggest what we can do? Tried a factory re-set but no use and the Vodafone shop won't touch it as its too old. Can't bin it as my daughter has all her photos etc still on it so would love to salvage something. Thanks, if anyone can help I'd be really grateful.
    09-01-2014 08:20 AM
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    When you say you tried a factory reset, do you mean you tried but failed to do it, or that you did it but it had no effect? Hopefully the former, otherwise the photos would have been lost in the reset, unless you managed to back them up first?

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    09-01-2014 03:05 PM

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