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    I've had my AT&T-flavored M8 for a few months now, and for the most part really love it. This is my first Android phone (another BlackBerry refugee, here), and, although there are a few BB features I still miss, I'm mostly very happy with my decision.

    There are a couple of frustrations, though. First, I have turned off every reference to power-saver mode I can find, yet it still turns everything off at 30% -- can't you still use your phone for about a week at 30% in power-saver mode? What's the emergency?

    WiFi off, screen dim, vibration off, and, I've only recently figured out, all sound notifications/ringtones down to one click before mute, a level I have only (barely) heard while pressing the phone to my ear. For weeks I was blaming myself for accidentally hitting the volume button, which is so very easy to hit, but it turns out that's not the culprit responsible for my missing calls and alarms.

    I have both the regular and extreme power-saving modes unchecked, as well as all the individual settings, just to be sure. While unchecked, my Auto-on level for the extreme mode is set to 10%. None of this matters, as the phone does its thing at 30%, regardless. Any advice on killing this beast would be most welcome.

    As an aside, does anyone know how to insert the system date/time (remains static after insertion) into whatever you're doing? The BB had a very simple code, which was highly customizable, and very, very useful. Android is all about customization -- there just has to be a way I simply haven't discovered yet.

    Thanks much!
    09-01-2014 03:49 PM

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