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    For some reason, I thought my US-purchased DNA phone (purchased Feb. 2013) was not useable internationally, but I'm reading that this IS a global-ready phone...? When I went in to a Verizon store last fall before taking 7 months on a RTW trip, I was told I should just suspend/delay my contract (which I did). My cancelling my service now will cost me an estimated $150, but I suspect that will be way less than the charges I would rack up using it with my Verizon contract. If I CAN use this phone in London with a UK mobile service, I'd be so happy! I love this phone!!!(Apologies in advance if this topic has been covered in another thread...I searched a bit for any relevant DNA-Verizon-UK move but couldn't find much beyond shorter vacation-usage). Thank you!
    09-03-2014 07:58 PM
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    Verizon versions of that phone bought online apparently work okay over here if unlocked. What sort of usage are you looking for? (For example, the Three network is best for unlimited data deals, and cheaply at that.)

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    09-03-2014 11:45 PM
  3. Almeuit's Avatar
    From what I am seeing it does have some GSM radios so if you get it unlocked it should work... But I doubt it will get LTE. 3g should work though.
    09-04-2014 12:00 AM

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