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    I have a Note 8.0 with 4.2.2. I presume that eventually I will be offered 4.4 Kit Kat if not for the Note then for the next device I buy. From what I have read 4.4 will put restrictions on the device accessing or managing SD card. The web seems to be full of opposing views as to how good or bad these restrictions are and what Google's motives are. Can anyone offer some sort of clarification.

    From what I've read Kit Kat will clear all folders relating any app that is uninstalled. Does this mean I will need a separate folder of photos for each of my Photo apps and separate music for each of my Music player apps? Currently these apps work of a single folder (one folder for photos, one folder for songs) downloaded from my laptop.

    Also can I refuse to update to Kit Kat? If so does this require unchecking the autoupdate box in Settings and will this affect updating of my apps.

    I have no desire to root my device. I have no idea how to do that or cope with any unforeseen consequences.
    09-04-2014 03:12 AM

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