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    Hi all

    My Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 stopped charging recently. Cable was plugged in and it's dead. USB cable is fine as have tested that with other devices. Device was bought brand new and only around 5 months old with little use.

    Unfortunately, I purchased this in another country (US) and where I live (Turkey) the product isn't covered under warranty. To send it off to Samsung to check will cost a fortune.

    I'm trying to determine what the problem is myself, whether it's the battery that is dead (failed) or if it's the USB port flex cable/socket. Is there any way of checking at all? I've used one of those voltage checking pen things directly on the usb socket and it shows current going through the device when plugged in. Have opened the unit and checked all the cables and none are loose.

    One thing that's been brought to my attention is that the charger I purchased here could be fake. The original from the box has different plug pins than here to I had to buy another. I was told what I was buying was original and looking at it all looks fine. However, on closer inspection I suspect it may be a fake. It's very similar to the one shown in a video on Youtube (search for iSTzH9bDKf8). I shouldn't be surprised if it's fake even though it was purchased from a reputable retailer in this country. I've since purchased an original charger directly from Samsung but still the unit is dead.

    Could a fake charger totally kill a battery meaning you can't even switch a device on when plugged in?
    09-04-2014 07:02 AM
  2. YoopyGames's Avatar
    You may try plugging it in your laptop or desktop but this time don't plug it in all the way. Only plug it in half way until it says its charging.
    Also you may try use another charger!
    09-04-2014 07:15 AM

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