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    I backed up many of my pictures off my phone (Pantech Flex P8010) to my PC a few days earlier. I noticed around that time that when in the Gallery app I would get black boxes instead of image preview.

    Somehow, everything in my SD Card folder was doubled! It may have been a bad copy attempt or it may have been the Pantech sync app I have on the PC. Anyway I noticed that all the pictures in my gallery were doubled (on the phone) so I found all the extra folders in the SD Card directory and deleted them (Using the PC). I never touched the DCIM folder on the Internal Storage directory.

    My Camera folder and all image folders disappeared from the Gallery app, and I was told that the image process had stopped when I tried to take a picture. At that time my pictures were still visible by looking at the File Manager. I rebooted the phone. All my image folders came back EXCEPT Camera- I took a picture and it created a Camera folder with 1 image. My Facebook and Download folder has disappeared as well- including all the images! So all the images on the Internal Storage directory are gone- but I didn't touch that directory.

    Can anyone help me get them back?
    09-04-2014 09:44 AM

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