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    I have a rooted LG Optimus 07 with 842 MB free internal storage, and 6 GB free on SD currently. I am unable to download an app that is 1.2 MB. I have had no problems downloading PDF files and other data over the internet. I had originally deleted a few apps, moved ALL possible apps and tools to the SD, cleaned ALL of the cache from apps, and stopped the running of essential apps to increase RAM. I have yet to find a solution to my particular problem that works. I have searched literally hundreds of pages. Almost all contain the same thing, such as dialing "*#9900#" or "*#9944#" to clean logcat files(Which DOES NOT WORK FOR PEOPLE WITHOUT DEVICES LIKE SAMSUNG), a guide on moving memory to the SD, uninstalling apps, and my favorite "downloading" an app to help clean memory off your phone because YOU ALREADY CAN'T DOWNLOAD THINGS. I already have such an app. But after removing over 10 apps without fixing the problem, I don't want to remove all my apps and just have a much less useful phone.

    I have tried using Terminal Emulator codes to fix this. Such as accessing /lib files. /lib is a directory that doesn't exist. I've yet to find the directory that contains this info, as ls al doesn't work on my android version.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    09-04-2014 06:19 PM
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    Understand your frustration. My previous phone had the same problem, especially when I'm updating or installing icon pack or cm10 themes. The only sure way to solve your problem for sure is to either use the stock ROM, unroot, try different ROM, Or get a new device.The problem you're experiencing is an issue or rather a bug associates with older device where you have to move app back and forth between the internal storage and the sd card. The temp fix you can try is to do a clean reinstallation of all your apps, and install the apps that are giving you problem first.

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    09-04-2014 08:02 PM

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