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    [Nexus 7 (2013)]
    When I try to open a conversation from Facebook it puts it into a chat head like usual. Exiting the app, the chat head is still there like usual... but when I receive another message, the chat head for that person does not appear, nor does any type of notification. To check if someone's messaged me, I have to manually open the already open chat head (or the facebook app) and open a chat head for them from there. They won't auto appear like they usually do, however, when I'm using the Facebook app itself they auto appear perfectly fine. If I close all the chat heads when I'm not in the app and someone messages me, I have no clue until I actually go into the app itself and open a chat head. This only started happening randomly yesterday. Notifications and chat heads are turned on. I've tried reinstalling both apps and I've also wiped the cache partition. Any advice?
    09-05-2014 05:57 AM

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