1. SeniorSwede's Avatar
    Is it possible to make cable modifications to use the Lapdock 100 with a Droid Maxx? I used it a bit with my Razr Maxx (or Razr Maxx HD) but the Droid Maxx does not have the HDMI output so the device is unpluggable. The phones had USB and HDMI side by side and the device had both plugs combined into a single plug. I really need a normal sized keyboard for Emails of substance as welll as my long winded Facebook posts. As I age my arthritic fingers are not as agile as some and I cannot (never have) been able to really write something serious on the phone. I keep jumping between my phone, laptop, and desktop; the latter of which have "real" keyboards.

    Is there a better solution? USB or Bluetooth keyboard for my Droid Maxx? Does it exist?
    09-05-2014 07:49 AM
  2. 1st n last's Avatar
    I am not at all a techie. But what I have read on some other forums seems to indicate that USB OTG would enable the phone to work with the keyboard on the lapdock (plug a USB mouse into the lapdock; the trackpad isn't all that good). But the lapdock needs to read an HDMI signal to turn on. I believe some people have used a Miracast dongle to make that connection. Good luck; let us know how it works!
    12-14-2014 04:14 PM

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