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    Hello all,

    Something has gone terribly wrong with my tablet and I need to root it and re-install Android somehow as otherwise its something of a brick. I'm totally PC-able and literate, and so am fine with following instructions regarding downloading, installing, and running whatever files and software are necessary, I just need a layman's step-by-step guide?

    What went wrong:
    • Dropped tablet a few inches onto work counter, edge-down. Crack /chip/splinter of plastic left sticking out, no operational issues
    • Unscrewed case to press splinter back into place, superglue it down
    • Accidentally left micro-SD in place when reassembling, broke it in half inside casing. This may have damaged its slot, not sure yet
    • Replaced with a smaller capacity micro-sd, tried to transfer files from my PC
    • After a few seconds of copy pasting into external sd, connection is lost. Always. If external microSD is removed, can succesfully copy and paste into internal SD, no problem
    • After messing around with factory resets etc I now have DEMO in big red letters across my screen

    I should point out that after I lose USB connection to ext. micro SD the option to connect is no longer there in the tablet's 'taskbar', even after removing and reinserting cable a few times and restarting a few times. Eventually it comes back, before failing the next time I try to use it.

    It's a cheap trashy tablet, but I'd rather fix it than throw it away - is reinstalling Android my best option here? If so, can somebody provide me with easy-to-follow instructions? I'm windows-literate, but not so much Android-literate, and haven't been able to google anything straightforward...
    best, and thanks in advance,

    09-05-2014 09:36 AM

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