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    Hi, so roughly 2 days ago, my Samsung Galaxy S4 happened to fall in the toilet. Reacting quickly, I grabbed it and wiped it off. However, when I picked it up, the screen was all wonky and looked glitchy(black with different coloured lines) I'm not sure if it's from the phone hitting the side of the toilet before taking a plunge or water damage. We didn't have rice in the house, so I ran over to the store which is about less than a minute walk and grabbed some rice. I then placed my phone in the rice. About 20 minutes later, I forgot that I still had the battery in, so I went and took it out, along with my sd card and sim card and took the back cover off. After that, I left my phone in for 48 hours like most people say to do.
    Today I went to try and turn on my phone and the screen just flickered green lines at the top, however, it did buzz. So I decided to try it without the battery and the charger instead, but the screen just flickered in the middle. After that, I decided to try it with both charger and battery, and the screen was black with green lines all over it. But it did buzz again. I've decided to put it back in the rice for a few more days to see if it'll do anything.
    I also noticed that the battery sticker is red and I looked it up to find that it indicates water damage in the battery. Could this be the problem?
    09-05-2014 10:35 AM
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    09-05-2014 02:44 PM

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