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    I purchased an S4 Mini from the Sprint store back in March, and so far so good (although I haven't posted some minor issues yet that I mentioned in my introduction)
    Tonight I plugged it into the charger in my truck, and it started making weird noises, along with flashing stuff on the screen...went crazy.
    I unplugged it and the chaos continued. I did a reboot, and when it came back on, the display has a green icon a little bit bigger than a quarter, and it looks like a robot.
    Below the green martian it says "Downloading Do not turn off target!"
    In the top left of the display, in very tiny red text it says "Factory Mode"---below that it has Samsung numbers & codes that I dont understand.
    It's been this way for over an hour & a half now, and dont know what to do,The only apps Ive ever downloaded is My Magnifyer and Scout and that was about 4 months ago----I need my phone and dont want to do something stupid.
    Any help is appreciated, and thanks for your time & help.

    EDIT--Dis regard,,I got brave and rebooted it & its fine....sorry!
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    09-06-2014 01:22 AM
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    What all the noise and flashing was about I don't know.
    Then you seem to have got into Recovery Mode by mistake. Be careful not to do a Factory/Master Reset if you ever find yourself there again, which would wipe your phone and lose all personal data not backed up.

    You may care to read about Recovery Mode here:


    Of course the little green guy you saw on your phone represents the Android Operating System!

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    09-06-2014 03:56 PM

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