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    HI Guys. So i managed to flash the a200 bootloader on this thing a while back and installed some custom stuff. After bricking it and having to RMA a few times i decided to leave the bootloader unlocked.Saved me a lot of headache with my experimenting until... About a year later the tablet just died all of a sudden. I can get into CWM recovery but when I try to flash a rom it gives an "fail to mount" error. I did some searching and i found out that maybe the emmc is bad and would require a motherboard replacement. Well since Acer wants to charge me $250 to repair it and a replacement motherboard cost be around $30 I think i would take the risk doing a pulldown and replacing the motherboard myself, If i can get some help to do it as I wouldnt even know where to find the first screw. I'm also willing to document the process and post it as a tutorial for those facing a similar problem if it is successful. So if anyone can advise me on how to do this I would be eternally grateful.
    09-06-2014 01:41 AM

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