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    So heres the story, i was sitting in my english class and i had just checked my phone (ZTE Awe for Virgin Mobile) and had put it in my pocket, when i took it out after class to check it again, it would not come on. I do not know when it turned off but when i press the power button it doesnt want to come on. My battery was at about 70% so i know it wasnt dead from an empty battery. I went home to try and charge the phone but when i put it in the charged, the LED light would just flash red on and off, I brought the phone to the local tech center at my university and they dont know what to think of it. I did however plug the phone into the charger without the battery in and the screen did come to life and flash the no battery sign so i know it isnt the screen that is having the problem so it must be the battery right?. flash forward a week later i have just ordered 2 new batteries and i tried using one of them to charge the phone; however, it still just flashed its red LED light on and off. I have sort of found a loophole where if i charge it without a battery in and then put the battery in while it s charged, it does display the charging icon on my screen and does not flash the red LED. Even so, i cant seem to turn it on, everytime i try the red LED shuts off and the screen goes black. PLS HELP, ITS SO HARD TO BE IN COLLEGE WITHOUT A PHONE.
    09-06-2014 05:02 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! That's a bummer. Since you've already tried new batteries, I'd lean more towards a defect in the phone's charging circuits. In any case, it is likely a hardware defect. If the phone is pretty new, you can ask Virgin Mobile if it's possible to get a replacement. If the phone is still under warranty, you could also contact ZTE. Otherwise, you may just have to get a new phone. Sorry!
    09-07-2014 12:06 AM

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