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    Since around April my HTC Vivid has been having service trouble, it would drop service out of no where I'd have to turn it off and on until finally it came back and it was very random. It would work for a long time and than just drop. I've never rooted the phone, or done any kind of mod or hack to it and around end of June it now says IMEI unkown, baseband Unknown and all that. AT&T wanted $200 for an insurance claim which I couldn't do and when I took it into the store they just re did everything I had already done. They than told me I had to buy a new phone and that was that. So I was wondering if there is ANYWAY at all that I can get it back to working order? I ended up getting another phone that's older than my Vivid so it's not the issue that I need a phone but I really did like my Vivid and I'd like to be able to try to fix it if possible. Thanks so much
    09-07-2014 10:02 AM

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