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    Before I started using Gmail, I had a Google account that was tied to my old email address. Using that account, I had created my contacts in the People app on my Android phone and also used Google Calendar and Picasa. When I later switched to Gmail, my Gmail address became my primary address and the old email address was associated with it as an "other email." This works fine on my PC, where I can log into my Google account, Picasa, my calendar, my contacts, etc. with either email address and it takes me to the same place.

    On my phone, though, I now have two slightly different contact lists in the People App. The one that shows for my Gmail address is up-to-date and syncs with my Gmail contact list. The one that shows with my previous email address does not sync (the famous "Sync is currently experiencing problems"), and that's ok with me. I'd like to get rid of the contact list associated with the old email address, but when I try to delete the contacts in it, I get "deleting this contact will delete information from multiple accounts."

    I know I can choose which list to display, but when I search contacts, old information from the other contact list also comes up. Can anyone suggest a way to get rid of this contact list without losing the contacts in my Gmail account and without hindering my access to other Google services?
    09-07-2014 10:22 AM

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