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    I just got the Samsung Galaxy Note3 and am having issues when I text with it. Without pressing any buttons, that I'm aware of, a screen pops up, overtop of my text, which has a search bar at the top and other text in a, kind of, heading format (past 30 days, past 7 days, yesterday, today, et cetera, at the bottom it says "apply various filters to your searches.") Incredibly frustrating when this pops up six times in one text. If you can help at all would be great. I am ready to throw this phone out the window.

    Oh, and if it helps, air gesture is turned off. The only air command on is the pen air command.

    09-07-2014 05:56 PM
  2. anon8380037's Avatar
    That's the Google Search feature that is activated by holding on the left menu button.

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    09-07-2014 06:32 PM

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