1. AC Question's Avatar
    My Galaxy S5 has been experiencing bad lag recently, I have tried developer settings and was hoping for further suggestions as this has made no difference to the phone.
    09-08-2014 05:05 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    If you're trying developer options you're probably technically savvy, but I'll offer my twopennorth anyway because it's all I've got.

    Have you tried going to Settings, Storage, Cached Data, and clearing the cache?

    Especially, have you tried booting into Recovery and wiping the Cache Partition? That I think is more likely to do it.


    ...in case you're not sure how.

    Posted via Android Central App
    09-08-2014 08:00 AM
  3. Blake477's Avatar
    I just cleared the cache, which helped a bit, however would like to try wiping the cache partition, and was just wondering if I would lose any files in doing this? Also if it helps, the phone is most laggy when using Snapchat, however it worked fine in the past, I have also tried uninstalling and re-installing this.
    09-08-2014 05:49 PM
  4. belodion's Avatar
    I see you've joined as a member, so Welcome!

    Wiping the Cache Partition will cause no loss of personal data. Just make sure you don't accidentally select Factory or Master Reset, which would wipe all your personal data.

    If you think a duff app may be causing trouble, you could also try entering Safe Mode, which temporarily disables all third-party apps. The idea is to enable them again one by one until a recurrence of the trouble identifies the culprit, which can then be uninstalled if wished. It's necessarily a lengthy business though, at least if you've got a lot of apps, so try the Cache Partition wipe first.

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    09-08-2014 06:13 PM
  5. Blake477's Avatar
    Thank you so much for your help
    I will try the cache partition wipe now and see how that goes.
    Thanks again
    EDIT* I just did the cache partition wipe, and the phone is still rather laggy. Also when I use my torch widget, the light itself doesnt go on for about 15 seconds after pressing the widget. Any further suggestions?
    09-08-2014 06:56 PM
  6. belodion's Avatar
    Sorry the wipe was ineffective. I can only suggest three other things:

    1) Try Safe Mode, in case a duff app is responsible:

    2) Try a Factory or Hard Reset....if you've backed up your personal data, you can download it again afterwards:

    3) Head over to the Samsung Galaxy S5 forums and try posting there, where you're bound to meet other users with in-depth knowledge of this device, who may know just the cure for the lag problem. In your position, I think I'd choose this option.

    Posted via Android Central App
    09-09-2014 06:41 AM
  7. codyoehl's Avatar
    It's the touchwiz, there's lots of lag. You can't escape it.

    Posted via Android Central App with my Samsung Galaxy S5
    09-09-2014 06:45 AM

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