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    Since the last Android update, a feature of my car's Handsfree Link quit working. Before the last update, when I would receive a text message while driving, I would get a notification telling me that I had a new message, and asking me if I wanted to read it, meaning that the feature would read it to me. Before, when it was working, it would read the text message, keeping me from looking at my phone, but now, sadly it no longer works. The tech at the dealership tells me that Handsfree Link is saying that until Android puts out another update, this feature of my car will continue to be unavailable. My question is this: why should I be penalized for something that I was forced to do in updating the software of my phone, and if Android is aware of the issue, why isn't a patch available to fix the problem, until the next update comes out?
    09-08-2014 03:49 PM

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