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    I fell into a pool a month ago while my phone (Samsung Galaxy s4) was in my back pocket. When I got out of the water, I immediately took the back off and the battery out. It was working for about 15 minutes once I put them back in the phone, but then the phone went black. I took the battery out again and tried to turn my phone off; the phone itself powered on (felt it vibrate, home buttons at the bottom lit up and my LED notification light lit up, and I could hear incoming notifications but the screen does nothing.

    I'm getting a replacement phone tomorrow, but I have to send my (now old) phone in. I want to know if it possible for me to transfer photos/files from my phone to my laptop via USB cord if my screen isn't working. I just don't want to send it in with pictures of my little girl on there. Thanks!
    09-08-2014 05:56 PM
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    Hello. You can always try, if you think the phone is powered on. Unfortunately it may not be possible if you had a secure lock on it, i.e. a pin password or pattern. If you had a swipe lock you should be able to recognise the device storage via windows explorer, or that apple thing! Look for the DCIM folder for camera pics.
    09-08-2014 06:02 PM

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