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    I am in Italy using a US edition Google Nexus 5 running a TIM (Italian mobile network) data SIM. Tethering with my laptop and iPad via wifi has worked very well up until about a week ago using TIM's HSPA network. The data connection to my phone seems to cut out randomly and often now. When I notice internet not working on my laptop I see that my phone has full bars for service but when I pull down my Nexus 5 quick settings it shows the HSPA data has stopped (displays service as orange even with full bars). The wifi connection between my computer and Nexus 5 is perfect.

    Could this be the fault of an app or some setting that could have changed, or is it a carrier issue. I feel it is not an issue with TIM simply because it worked so well before on the same plan, same prepaid service cycle. I have not used half of my data stipend. What is going on?
    09-10-2014 05:19 AM

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