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    I bought my first smartphone, the GT-I8190 a few days back, and I played around with it a few times (camera, etc., everything was working fine). Then I decided to start using it properly. I installed Kies on my PC, and connected the device to my PC. Kies told me that a new firmware update was available for my device, I thought well ok, it couldn't possibly hurt (how wrong I was). I didn't note the version numbers of the previous firmware and the new firmware. After about 1 hour, Kies told me that the upgrade was complete, and that I should remove my phone and reboot. My phone however had apparently rebooted itself.

    Since then, its been sort of stuck. It powers up, displays the model number in white text, goes to the screen where the Samsung logo is displayed, then keeps displaying the logo over and over again, unless I take the battery out. When I restart the phone, it does the same thing. The Volume UP + home + power option does not seem to do anything, while the Volume DOWN + home + power combination brings up the "ODIN" screen. The phone does not have any warranty. Please let me know what my options are in this case, is there a chance that my phone could ever come back to life...

    I should clarify that I had not tried to do anything to the phone that was not recommended by Samsung/asked from me by Kies, up to the point it seemed to get stuck. I learnt about the recovery mode and download mode while googling my problem, because neither Kies (which does not recognize my device now) nor the user manual were of the slightest help to me regarding this issue.

    This being my first smartphone, I am very annoyed. I spent close to $200 for a device which stopped working after I tried to upgrade using all the official software and practices, and now there does not seem to be any support online from the vendor regarding this type of problem. I have to rely now on the generosity and free-time of other people to help me with this. Do these devices frustrate others just as much, or is it just me?
    09-10-2014 06:06 AM

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