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    1.so I successfully rooted my phone using poot and ministro or w/e its called and I started to remove the system apps that the phone comes w/ and I accidentally erased the live wallpapers file.

    2.I was just wondering if there was a live wallpapers file that I could download if anybody knows of one could you please give me a link to download it. I was also have a few other things Im wondering about.

    3. What files am I able to delete to w/o making my phone unusable?

    4.I saw apps that you can change your theme, what is a theme?

    5. I want to change what my phone runs on like the ginger bread 2.3.5 to the newer version of android how do I do that?

    If someone would please take the time to answer all or at least some of my ?'s I would would be extremely grateful. Thanks for your time
    09-10-2014 02:09 PM

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