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    It is a Samsung s4 I have , now after I swipe the phone to get to home screen , once there I put shortcuts on my main screen to various apps I like which seems fine , then after its been idle and I then wake the phone up the shortcuts of what I placed on the screen and on the home screen I mean not the lockscreen , they are gone and I tried and tried with putting shortcuts on the screen to no avail , your reply would be deeply appreciated if you know how to sort this.
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    09-11-2014 12:22 PM
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    So you are saying you press and hold an icon from the app drawer /app list screens and move them to a space on the one or many homescreens you have set up. Or you do it the other way by holding a space on a Home Screen and selecting an app for there.
    Have you had the phone long?
    Maybe there is an issue with your phone, but would be best to see if you understand correctly.
    When you touch the Apps button in the bottom right in the Dock, it takes you from the Home Screens to the App Drawer and back.
    How many Home Screen pages can you swipe across? There would be a little house icon and bars representing pages below the main icons and widgets on a Home Screen.
    The App Drawer pages are usually in alphabetic order but you can change the view with the menu button.

    Are the icon shortcuts you moved visible on another Home Page?
    Did you mean you moved App Widgets to a Home Screen and now they are gone.
    It would just help to understand your question.

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    09-11-2014 01:19 PM

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