1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have a Audio Recorder app on the phone. I see there the files i have recorded.
    But when i plug the device as media device to the pc .. the folder of the files are empty.


    ive used the software before. But this is a very strange behavior ..files there on smartphone .. but on pc there are not files.

    its not hidden and anything ...

    HELP !
    09-12-2014 05:45 AM
  2. TypeOverride's Avatar
    Lol im a guest .... okkkkk its written by me.

    The folder is empty on pc .. but on smartphone there are files ....

    I can copy the folder ..and he is making on smartphone a new folder, on PC not.

    But on some folders its working and i can see the new created folder on pc. What is this ? This is a strange behaviour.
    09-12-2014 05:46 AM

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