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    I have an S4 and my wife has an S5, both running Android 4.4.2. A couple months ago we had an issue where we both started using foreground data at an insane rate, even though we both do little actual surfing. My usage went from about 50 MB a week to over 500 MB a week. My wife's was the same. It cost us over a hundred dollars. We called Telus and they were baffled.
    - She was using "internet" and I was using chrome. We both had the same crazy data. I assume they have similar engines driving them as they are both google products. Similar bug?
    - Yes, we keep tabs open, but we always have and this problem is new.
    - The data usage was foreground, not background.
    - We have a shared Telus plan in Canada

    We restricted background usage (even though the problem was foreground) and turned on the data compression in Chrome. It got better for about 6 weeks. Now we've both seen a spike again. This time I've used 167 MB in the last two days and she's used 350 MB in the same time. Her wifi was accidentally turned off which probably explains the difference. She now uses chrome instead of "internet". Again, this is virtually all labelled as foreground.

    I like Chrome, but it's going to bankrupt me. At this rate of usage, I need to fix the problem in the next few hours. I'm considering disabling chrome and internet and using firefox.

    Since we have different phones, it seems odd we're both having the same problem but I don't see this same problem in other posts when I do searches Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    Update: I've installed Opera on both as an experiment. We'll see if this fixes it.
    09-13-2014 01:02 PM

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