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    I've got a Google Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.4 and since a few months, 2 of my contacts told me they received a SMS (not Hangouts messages, SMS) from me, writen in chinese (1 each).
    The last message was sent in the middle of an SMS exchange with a friend. The previous one, I can't remember (it was a few months ago).
    Of course, I never sent these messages AND they both received all the messages I sent, so it's not a real message I sent beeing encoded in some way into chinese caracters.

    I've never installed suspicious apps.
    I ran both AVG antivirus and Avast antivirus, none found any threat on my phone.
    I'm using the default keyboard from Google.
    My phone language is setted to english, my keyboard has 2 input languages : french an english, I mainly use the french one.

    According to the app "Advanced Permission Manager", only 3 downloaded apps have the right to send SMS messages:
    -Fido My Account (my operator's app) - 500 000 downloads
    -Glympse - 1 million dowloads
    -AirDroid - 10 millions dowloads
    These apps are more than safe and given the number of downloads I would not be the only one inquiring about this strange behaviour if any of them were the source of those SMS.

    System apps are:
    -Google Search
    -Google Play Store
    -Bluetooth Share
    Nothing fancy here.

    My contacts are unable to transfert these messages to me, their phones basically says (translated from french so unsure of the right translation) "Service unvailable" when they try to do so.

    The last message that was sent (a few moments ago) is the following (sent though an email by copying the text rom the SMS):

    I cannot find the previous one nor remember if my friend did sent it to me, I'll try to get a hold on it to check wether the two messages are identical or not.

    My last recourse would seem to be a complete factory reset of my phone but I'd rather find another way to get rid of this.

    What do you tink of this? Do I have any other diagnostic option available?
    09-13-2014 03:03 PM

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