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    Recently I successfully rooted my phone. Everything was fine until about an hour ago when I downloaded a file from xda called sdswap, intending to switch the external storage to internal storage. However I didn't follow the directions thoroughly, and after I rebooted, not only did the swap not work i couldn't access the storage option in settings, can't open the folder called my files, and all kinds of system apps crash such as android.process.media , MTP , my camera won't even open. Like as soon as I turn on the phone I keep getting error messages saying "unfortunately, -------- has stopped. " every time I try to open my files to see my sd card is working, it stops.
    So you would factory reset would fix this right?
    Wrong. I did this and was even more sorry. Firstly, it lost my connection to my home wifi which I don't kno the password to, therefore I can't download any helpful apps or login to my google account to restore my backed up files. Second, my external sd card isn't showing up because whenever I open gallery no pics are there. But I know that it isn't corrupted cause I put it in my sisters phone and it pops up just fine. Plus, I don't have a computer I only have this iPad which doesn't let me download anything. So I'm all-around screwed.
    Can anybody tell me a way to break into my system or something so that "my files" folder and storage folder will work again
    I have a samsung galaxy exhibit 4g running on jelly bean for metro pcs.
    P.s. I tried to use apps to view my external sd card and it says empty but as I said before, my files are there when I put it in my sisters phone. ????
    09-14-2014 04:14 PM

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