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    Okay. So, I have this GS3 that I used to really love. Now, I spend a lot of time wanting to smash it into a million pieces on the ground then stomp on it... And that makes me very sad. It's the first phone I ever truly loved...

    It's originally a Verizon phone that I had flashed to Cricket's "old" network when we switched to them. The kid at the Cricket store said it's an older model, so it was more challenging for him to flash it, but eventually he was able. With that, it became incapable of anything above 3G.

    Then, I accidentally hit okay instead of delay on a Verizon update I'd been putting off for months because I didn't want the issues I'd read about associated with it. After that, it's slowly become a worse and worse and more frustrating device to use. I seldom use it for actual phone calls. Those usually work fine. But everything else is painfully slow. Like, old dial-up speeds would be a breath of fresh air much of the time... Even just texting sucks now.

    My camera has become frustratingly fickle, as well. I don't recall if that started before or after the update. But it's gotten to the point that I'm pretty amazed when it works the first time I try to use it... Otherwise, I have to go to Settings > Apps Manager > All > Camera -- Force Stop -- Reboot. And then pray it'll open up and let me take some pictures before it has an error and quits working, and then go through those steps again... And I love taking pictures, so this makes me very sad, as well.

    So. I finally got brave a couple of months ago and rooted it using Towelroot. It was super simple. And really great that I didn't have to hook my phone up to my computer, because as part of that accidental update from Verizon, I lost that capability, somehow. And I haven't figured out how to get it back.

    I used the free versions of SuperSU, NoBloat, Root Checker and MyBackup.

    I used a list I found in the forums here to decide what junk to uninstall, and cleared out a lot of junk, I thought. But some of it still seems to be showing up.

    My settings show I have under a gig of internal storage space available, but it should be a lot more than that, I am pretty sure.

    I have been afraid of ruining my phone, so I haven't done any of the flash the mod or rom things I know you're supposed to do once you root your phone. But I know I have got to do something to fix these problems!!! So, I am asking for your help and advice here, so I don't screw it up.

    I know I need to back-up all my stuff again, since it's been a little while. ... But, then what? How can I get my phone back to a phone that I can love to use again, since I can't go buy a new one right now?

    Thank you in advance for any help and advice you have to offer!
    09-14-2014 05:37 PM

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