1. Supratik Biswas's Avatar
    Been facing some problems with my HTC one X +. Bootloader locked, unrooted phone.
    1.Google .com redirects to hao.360.cn every time i use Google on chrome or the bundled browser.
    2.Whenever i start the wifi, it says signin required even when i have saved password and redirects to the above website (hao.360.cn) /m.360.cn.
    3.Have factory reset the phone, data wiped, cleared cache,removed data, removed Google account and tried all combinations multiple times but cannot download/install any app from play store.Always end up with all types of numerical errors-919 403 and what not.

    These problems happen when i am connecting using a wifi hotspot shared from my laptop.On cellular network, things work just fine.

    So basically i am stuck with a new phone with no app.And can not download anything from app-store also.

    Any help appreciated.TY.
    09-14-2014 08:39 PM

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