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    hey guys i needed an honest opinion and since android phones have been the only phones with large screen sizes, i thought you guys would be the best people to ask. also, that commercial about "large screen sizes have been used by samsung since 2012" made me think to ask you guys also...i started typing a little background about my phone usage but moved it to the bottom so this message didnt look like info overload...you can read it if you wish to understand the kind of phone customer i am...i hope you guys dont think im just trying to "troll" cuz thats NOT the case...im just asking the experienced large screen phone users since i dont know who else to ask...

    so i want to know if you guys think a person like me would think the larger iphone 6+ screen size would be helpful or a hassle. if i were asking about an android phone of similar size, what would you guys recommend?

    i wear scrubs (with that 1 [removed by mod] & 1 chest pocket) and a white coat (2 large side pockets) mostly when im on call...so im not concerned about those pockets and situations...

    but im concerned about these situations:

    1. EXERCISE: how do you guys feel when you are going to the gym to play basketball or on runs or swim, etc? i have a lot of basketball shorts without any pockets at all. i feel like i would either have to constantly hold my phone in my hand or set it down (i would totally be the dude that walks away and forgets it somewhere - here in my city, i have found out a few times the hard way that its not a great idea)...i also HATE running with precious stuff in my hands because i feel distracted. i also hate running with even my small iphone 4s in my pocket because i wear baggy shorts and it hurts when it hits your knees, etc & weighs those shorts down so you gotta hold your shorts up and run, etc...how do you guys navigate these situations? i know a large screen doesnt really fix/hinder these events specifically, but it is def something you would have to have some kind of plan for...any suggestions?

    2. LOUNGING/CASUAL: my usual style is kinda sporty clothes like t-shirts, hoodies, fleece zip-ups, & nike sweats, etc. and things fall out of those pockets ALL THE TIME if they dont have zippers...would this phone be so big and noticeable that when it slides out of your pocket when youre sitting in a low seat or in a dark car, you NOTICE RIGHT AWAY due to the "absence of the weight/shape/bulk"? i guess i am wondering if people, when switching to these large screen phones, notice themselves losing it LESS often or MORE often? can it ever "sneak away" from you? (when i do have time to party, i dont mind getting "responsibly wasted"...so...)

    3. SEMI-FORMAL: if im going out somewhere that i need to make an impression on someone (business formal/street casual), is it too much of a hassle to keep in regular (not tight) jeans and slacks? i already know it will probably fit in the breast pocket of sport coats and back pocket of pants, but i try to avoid that dressy stuff as much as possible and wouldnt want to sit on the device and pick glass shards out of my rump. would it be one of those things that you carry around in your front pants pocket and pull out to set on the table when youre seated at a restaurant or bar? or is it a phone that kinda just stays in your pocket and you go about living your life as usual?

    4. RANDOM: when you guys are driving, do you find yourselves keeping it in your pocket, putting it in some kind of car-dock, or setting it on your lap? would you feel comfortable riding a bike with it in your pocket?

    basically, im sure you guys have gone thru these evaluations when you had to make these decisions, so im just wondering how it ended up being in reality vs. all your expectations. so you might just be wondering, if its such an issue, why am i even considering a large screen phone? im not a "gamer" or phone-movie-watcher (other than certain lectures, but its more about "listening" vs actual viewing - sometimes it just happens to come in video format) anything like that. but i have stumbled upon an app called goodnotes that basically lets me use my phone/tablet like a pad of paper. its great cuz it actually looks like my real-life handwriting. i have about 80 textbooks and hundreds of lecture recordings on there, notes on procedures & patients, etc...its like an external hard drive for my brain! i can write notes on pdfs and it basically replaces paper but i can imessage & email those documents, etc. this would allow me to give my ipad to my dad as a "thank you for everything" type gift and i could benefit by carrying 1 device with enough screen room to handwrite. so any experiences would be helpful. i guess my other option would be to carry a phone always and a tablet only when necessary, but that takes more planning, extra cords, battery packs, cases, and carrying an even bigger screen (the ipad)...

    any advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for reading!


    im a sprint customer and not super picky about phones. basically, ive been using palm (i think it was like 650 or 700 or something? it had a tiny metal pen on the side...and a full qwerty keypad). i actually liked this phone a lot and made due with it, but now it would be a joke! then i moved to the palm pre which was HORRIBLE! i seriously couldnt even list 1 good thing about that phone to you guys...it was seriously a nightmare. i was DYING for a new phone (but liked my sprint plan, so i never switched) after my upgrade eligibility was reached from the palm pre, & i basically waited for sprint (after hearing rumors that they would finally carry it) to offer the iphone 4s and got that in the mail almost as soon as it came available (i probably preordered a bit late in the game and had to wait a few extra days - i remember getting it on a friday, which was an important day because i could finally ditch the palm pre). my point in telling you this background story is to illustrate that i dont mind torturing myself and waiting with a phone i hate. i also want to say this because i know theres a lot of beef for some reason between android & ios users and i kinda want to avoid the drama. ive grown used to the iphone and it pairs nicely with imessage on my laptop (also apple), so thats my main reason for not switching to android. but on all the youtube videos i see, it looks like an awesome phone (the galaxy notes & one+1's, in particular). i usually dont "talk" on my phone due to being in a library/class/etc, but mostly use it for imessage & texts, which i can get on my laptop also so its rarely used at all. thats kinda why the last phone i have ever purchased was the iphone 4s.
    09-14-2014 09:32 PM
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    I am happy iOS users are getting some better choices with keyboards, swiftkey on iOS seems like a total win. I have had several galaxy notes, and while the size can be annoying at times when running, or working, it is nice to have that big screen. I think the current iPhone is to small, but with that very easy to run with and work with. The iPhone six is taller than the note, and is going to make for a very large phablet with that large chin and top, but ask a note user and visit those forums. Plenty of people getting through the day just fine.
    09-14-2014 10:08 PM

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