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    HELP! For no apparent reason (meaning I have made no changes) my calendar on my galaxy s4 has stopped sending my calendar notifications via SMS. I have done extensive troubleshooting as per Google support forum, to no avail. this is made me miss a couple important events - I depend upon my reminders!! (It is not the sms app, other texts coming thru fine)
    anyone else having this issue over the past few days?
    Google support has not yet responded to my plea for help.

    Again, this has nothing to do with email reminders. It is purely the android phone and SMS reminders to which I refer.
    NOTE: yes, I can change the settings on the Android calendar app, and get a pop up alarm (like you get on alarm settings), but not the SMS reminders (notifications) which I have had no problem getting over the past 5+ years, no matter which phone I had. My mobile is registered in the main Google calendar settings (thru browser), I entered the verification (even re-performed this action), got the sms confirmation response.
    (I even made sure ALL my calendars are shared with the Google account that is the main account for my phone, during my trouble-shooting.)
    I am not a novice user.
    I had made NO changes to phone nor calendar.

    Also - I did a test - set up an event on my calendar, but thru a browser (default browser on my Samsung galaxy s4 phone) using Full Google calendar site (not mobile) and RECEIVED that sms notification just fine.*
    Still not working to create event from stock calendar app on phone, select & define the notification timeframe with sms notification. Not received. (Again, this was working fine till recently.)

    In another thread, read about Hangouts potentially affecting this. I do not use G+ not Hangouts, but went into all the accounts associated with hangouts, turned off notifications & logged out of them all. (First time I ever got into this app! Doubt this is the issue?)

    I have done NO recent updates to Samsung nor android os. Running 4.3 because I've read about people having lots of issues with the Verizon/Samsung 4.4 version.

    Can anyone help?
    09-15-2014 02:53 PM

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