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    Only had the phone a week (bought second-hand for £119, but was re-assured by the company that they do not sell on phone that have faults) and bought it from GAME. Got a letter with the phone for all the tests that they had done on it to make sure that it worked fine and it was signed.

    Phone worked perfectly aside from a bad wifi connection, but I was willing to pay for that to get sorted...

    This morning, I put it on charge with it's official charger (Like I normally do) and went out the room for 10 minutes. Came back in and the phone had turned off with no red light on. Tried to turn it back on and no luck. It hadn't overheated and should have had atleast 50%+ battery life.

    Tried absolutely everything with button combinations and holding them for different amount of times!! Plugged it into the laptop and it only makes a noise to let me know that it is plugged it/taken out.

    I noticed with the charger cable, that the actual USB end wouldn't fit into the slot anymore after it had turned itsself off? There is also, what seems to be, a white dust in the corner of it?(See picture if it actually attaches)

    Please someone help me, because I hugely rely on my phone for work purposes!
    Attached Thumbnails HTC One X Turned off while charging and will not turn back on....-img_20140915_225211.jpg  
    09-15-2014 05:12 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I wonder if the charging circuits might have shorted and burnt out, maybe from a power surge. Try another cable, plugged into some other outlet besides the one where the mishap occurred--preferably on a surge protector. If it doesn't work, the charging circuits in the phone might be burnt out. That might be a big problem, because I would guess that the seller or any warranty probably won't cover that. You may have to bring it to a repair shop. Sorry!
    09-16-2014 01:02 AM

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